0 745 Atlantic Avenue Welcomes new Retail Tenant

In the shadows of South Station there is a new spot to caffeinate your day, 745 Atlantic Avenue is now home to La Colombe’s.

La Colombe coffee shop in Boston

Credit: Boston Eater

Boston Eater quotes one of La Colombe’s co-founders, JP Iberti:

“When I select a space I like to go in places where I feel like the neighborhood is a little bit underserved so you can really start kind of a bond with the neighborhood,” Iberti said. “It’s important with a cafe; it takes time to build.”

“The way we design cafes is more of a linear way, rather than stamping them out. You’re not going to see this cafe if we open two more cafes in Boston, three more; you’re not going to see the same bar,” he said. “Maybe you’ll see a sense of flow and a sense of space, in terms of how light comes into the space, how we move people, how we want people to feel.”

“For us, every cafe is kind of a continuation of the design. We try to make sure that people don’t focus on how many stores we’re doing,” Iberti said.

0 Boutique Hotel Planned on North Washington St. near North End

North end boutique hotel on north washington street

Credit: Boston Business Journal

From parking cars to a place to park yourself for a good night’s rest in a 15-story boutique hotel on North Washington Street.

According to an article on the Bizjournals Boston site, “Tom MacKay of LIMAC LLC and consultant Fred Mannix, who has developed the 112-room Hotel Onyx in the Bullfinch Triangle, filed the proposal March 17 with the Boston Redevelopment Authority that calls for a 74-room hotel at 88 North Washington St…The hotel will be developed on the 2,100-square-foot site along with a lobby and cafe.”

You can read the full article on the Boston Bizjournals website.

0 Range of Boston Offices Considered for GE HQ

GE Fort Point Seaport offices

Credit: Boston Business Journal

The selection for GE’s site didn’t come without evaluating many other options that ranged from Back Bay to North Station.

From the BBJ:

Boston officials initially considered 20 development sites, both a mix of private and publicly owned buildings and land parcels, to pitch to GE. And first on the list that Boston officials considered was Fort Point’s “100 Acres Area” — a master-planned effort to transform the existing surface parking lots around the Procter & Gamble/Gillette plant, and GE’s ultimate final choice for its permanent headquarters locations.

The sites were eventually narrowed to seven final options, five of which were located in the Seaport District, in a Dec. 1 pitch book to GE (NYSE: GE) executives. GE’s ultimate choice for a headquarters — a 2.5-acre plot on the Fort Point Channel owned by Procter & Gamble Co. — was not highlighted in the final pitch book.

0 Boston Office Tower Construction Surging

back bay south end gateway

Credit: Banker&Tradesman

They all won’t happen in this cycle, but it will be interesting to watch the Boston skyline evolve as projects come out of the ground.

From Banker & Tradesman:

Three office towers totaling 113 stories and nearly 2.5 million square feet, already bearing the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s stamp of approval, are to be built near the MBTA’s Haymarket, North and South stations.

The transit tower trend ratchets up with Boston Properties’ latest vision of a 1.3-million-square-foot development at Back Bay station, including a 26-story office tower. And the BRA is getting into the high-rise act as it seeks an “iconic” redevelopment up to 700 feet for its defunct Financial District garage at 115 Federal St.

0 Interest Renewed in South Station air-rights Development

Architects rendering of south station air-rights development

Credit: BBJ

Texas and South Station come together. It appears that Hines from Texas is dusting off the plans of South Station that last saw the light of day over 10 years ago.

From the Boston Business Journal:

The Boston Redevelopment Authority in 2006 initially approved a development plan from Hines and Tufts University affiliate TUDC Inc. for a 1.8 million-square-foot mixed-use air-rights development, to be built in three phases between the back of South Station and the existing bus terminal. At the time, plans included a 40-story office tower, a nine-story office building and a 13-story building that contained 200 hotel rooms as well as up to 195,000 square feet of residential space. The three towers were slated to range in height from 183 feet to 678 feet total, according to a 2006 development plan.

Representatives from Hines have been to Boston’s City Hall several times in recent months to discuss the project and potential changes. If Hines were to move forward with a project that’s significantly different than the project the BRA approved in 2006, the firm would need to file a notice of project change, said BRA spokesperson Nick Martin. That would kick off additional project reviews such as a public comment period and approval from the BRA board, Martin said.

0 Downtown Boston Parcel near I-93 is Available for Redevelopment

Downtown Boston real estate for sale

Credit: Boston Business Journal

New development opportunities in the city of Boston are being offered up by the State.  Are you looking for 5.5 acres for your new corporate headquarters within walking distance of South Station?

From the BBJ:

A 5.5-acre state-owned parcel of land between Chinatown and South Station is being made available for redevelopment, creating as much as 2 million square feet of new construction, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced this morning.

The site is located at 185 and 165 Kneeland St., currently home to the District 6 headquarters for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy office and the Veolia Energy steam plant. The MassDOT district headquarters will be relocated or replaced, and a scaled-down version of the Veolia North America plant will be included as part of the redevelopment, state officials said.

0 Logan Airport Influenced GE’s Selection of Fort Point HQ

logan airport with office space in the background

Credit: BBJ

Good enough for GE, good enough for me.  Boston is number one for  a major U.S. city with its international airport 3.5 miles from downtown.

A recent BBJ article notes, “access to transportation is one of the key reasons that General Electric Co. set its sights on Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood for its new headquarters, said Gov. Charlie Baker at a business luncheon in Waltham on Wednesday. Not necessarily public transportation, he said, but air transportation.

“The airport has dramatically expanded its domestic nonstop capacity and international nonstop capacity with all kinds of plans to continue to grow its international nonstop capacity over the course of the next decade,” he said at the Massachusetts High Technology Council’s annual meeting at Bentley University in Waltham on Wednesday. “That starts to look really special and that’s not necessarily something we think about when we think about why GE put Boston and Massachusetts on the map.”

What Cities Gain When Their Airports Are Close to Downtown. This is a piece that came out in 2012, interesting enough, we don’t move our airports or our city centers.

0 Boston’s Projected Skyline in 2020

office space at Prudential center

Credit: Curbed Boston

The Boston Skyline is expect to change by 2020 and here’s what it might look like. The interesting part of this is 3 of the top 10 are residential, where is years past the top 10 have always been office.

Curbed, Boston recently published a projected list of the 10 tallest buildings in 2020, including the following three:

  • 200 Clarendon
  • Winthrop Square Tower
  • Prudential Center Tower

You can find the full list on Curbed Boston

0 Bates College Student Mailboxes go the Way of the Dodo

Bates College in Maine

Credit: Boston Globe

Colleges and offices seem to be getting rid of them.  When I tour office space with clients and review plans one items I never see is a mail room with mailboxes in it.  Rest assured we still get mail, but by no means is it the mainstay of communication.

According to an article in the Boston Globe “at the end of the summer, the [Bates College] boxes will click shut for the last time, a sign of how the Internet is changing college campuses.”

The Globe’s article is available, here.

0 Staples Rolls-out Office Space to Pair with Supplies

Staples will be offering far more than office supplies; they’re now also providing office space.  Yes, the new rollout will allow you to have office space where you buy supplies.

What they have:

  • Parking
  • Bricks & Mortar
  • Staff
  • Endless supply of supplies and snacks

The real question: do I want my clients to visit me at Staples?

According to a press release, Staples will be opening up communal workspaces at three locations in the Greater Boston area.