0 Boston Harbor Ferry to Add Destinations

Boston waterfront ferry

Credit: B&T

Ferry service in Boston Harbor is looking to add new destinations.

According to Banker and Tradesman, “at public meetings during the summer, many attendees requested more inner harbor service…[while] outside of Boston, the report recommended expanding commuter ferry service from Hingham, Hull, Lynn, Quincy, Salem and Winthrop and starting a new service from Dorchester’s Columbia Point.”

The goal is to begin expanded service in 2019.

For additional information, continue on to Bander and Tradesman’s website to read its complete coverage.

0 A Roadway Naming Debate Surrounds The Boston Greenway

The Greenway Boston and surrounding roads

Credit: BostInno

Yes, this should be renamed as it has become a landmark in our city.  Boston is confusing to navigate; Uber, Google and Waze have helped, but let’s give one of our new attractions a simpler address.

The debate, and subsequent argument for renaming the roads surrounding The Greenway is articulated by Bostinno.Streewise.co, noting “the Rose Kennedy Greenway is flanked by two parallel streets that run in a different direction. Atlantic Avenue winds northbound while on the other side, headed southbound, is a single street known at different points as John F. Fitzgerald Surface Road, Purchase Street, Surface Road and again John F. Fitzgerald Surface Road…By renaming what we’ll refer to here in this article as Surface/Purchase, pedestrians and non-natives would have an easier time making their way through Downtown, while the Greenway’s brand recognition would significantly increase—and that in turn would benefit the surrounding area and buildings.”

You can read the full article here: Bostinno.Streetwise.co – why this busy downtown Boston road should be renamed after The Greeenway.

0 Boston Firefighters to Receive Boost of Real-time Data on Calls

real time map of greater Boston and surrounding areas

Credit: Here.com

Boston Fire Fighters will be better equipped when responding to a call.  Our first responders will now be equipped with information from a variety of city departments, including Inspectional Services and Permitting. Streaming data will provide an array of relevant data to the fire truck while on route to a call; this will hopefully mitigate hazards along the way, and keep the fire fighters up-to-date on all necessary info related to the call.

From the Boston Herald:

“The more tools we can get in the hands of a firefighter, the more knowledge they have upon entering a fire, the better off we are,” said Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph E. Finn. “When you’re in that high-stakes environment, every second counts and every decision matters.”

Fire trucks will soon be outfitted with what the city calls “building intelligence” software that taps into records and data from other city departments, including Inspectional Services and Permitting. That will let firefighters know the building’s floor plan, whether it has sprinklers and potential hazards in the building…Before entering a building, firefighters will also have access to information about whether the structure has a history of code violations, including illegal apartments.