0 745 Atlantic Avenue Welcomes new Retail Tenant

In the shadows of South Station there is a new spot to caffeinate your day, 745 Atlantic Avenue is now home to La Colombe’s.

La Colombe coffee shop in Boston

Credit: Boston Eater

Boston Eater quotes one of La Colombe’s co-founders, JP Iberti:

“When I select a space I like to go in places where I feel like the neighborhood is a little bit underserved so you can really start kind of a bond with the neighborhood,” Iberti said. “It’s important with a cafe; it takes time to build.”

“The way we design cafes is more of a linear way, rather than stamping them out. You’re not going to see this cafe if we open two more cafes in Boston, three more; you’re not going to see the same bar,” he said. “Maybe you’ll see a sense of flow and a sense of space, in terms of how light comes into the space, how we move people, how we want people to feel.”

“For us, every cafe is kind of a continuation of the design. We try to make sure that people don’t focus on how many stores we’re doing,” Iberti said.

0 Overhaul of Prudential Center Food Court Presents Lunchtime Void

food court at the prudential center in Back bay

Credit: The Boston Globe

For 22 years the food court at the Pru has been a Back Bay mainstay, come June 30th it will be a memory.  Boston Properties despite their lack of comment have a clear vision for their customers and execute flawlessly.  Rest assured, lunch will be served again, just be patient while our city continues to change.

From the Boston Globe:

The food court at the Shops at the Prudential is scheduled to close at the end of June, and its replacement, a massive Eataly marketplace, won’t open for more than a year…Some applaud the decision to open an Eataly, which hopes to draw 5 million customers a year, in the space in September 2016. At least until the marketplace opens, the lunch-scene void is an opportunity for other businesses, said Ani Collum, a partner at the Norwell consultancy Retail Concepts…Collum said food trucks and other mobile vendors should set up near the Pru to cash in because time-strapped workers may not have a long enough break to eat at a restaurant. Nearby establishments would also be smart to offer to deliver to the office buildings, she said.

0 Newbury Street Real Estate Goes in ‘Hub Buying Spree’

newbury street real estate building

Credit: The Real Reporter

Urban Meritage closes on another piece of Newbury Street real estate by adding 50,000 rentable square feet.

From The Real Reporter:

Bringing its CRE holdings secured here to 11 properties in just 21 months, the partnership of Urban Meritage and Novaya Ventures (UMNV)  has taken a giant step forth in purchasing the hulking six-story 126 Newbury St. from its longtime New York owner in an eye-popping $54.2 million deal consummated earlier today. Rudin Management’s trade brings UMNV’s portfolio of assets focused along the famed shopping boulevard to nearly $150 million, blowing past the $100 million level in one fell swoop and giving the firm three prime buildings between Berkeley and Exeter Streets, the latest on the third block up from the Boston Public Garden and next to the second block where UMNV began its platform via the $10.0 million.

0 WeWork Plans Café Across from South Station in Boston

shared office space in cambridge

Credit: Bostinno.Streetwise.co

Café owners lookout; a new provider is opening up with its own customer base.  WeWork continues to forge ahead and cater to the customer by offering additional services at street level  The latest venue is a Café’, by no sense is this a new concept, but it is if you are in the temporary office space business.  This fulfills two goals; first more services to its existing customer base.  Second; a street level presence to attract new customers.  Banking has also seen this in Café 360 by Capital One.

Bostinno.StreetWise.co is reporting a “Small scoop here: In the midst of a Boston expansion, WeWork has also taken street-level retail space in the Hub. The company plans to open a coffee shop at 745 Atlantic Ave., a few floors below its shared workspace in the same building…This sets up a potential barista duel for the hearts and minds of downtown Boston’s startup set. Cambridge Innovation Center, another shared workspace, is also developing a café project on the ground floor of its 60,000-square-foot Boston facility at 50 Milk Street. CIC’s founder and chief executive, Tim Rowe, demurred about a date for its opening.”

The full article details WeWork’s cafe project as well as how it fits in with its larger corporate strategy. You can read it on Bostinno.Streetwise.

0 Kane’s Donuts Heading to Boston Financial District

Kanes Donuts space in Boston

Credit: Eater

High Street has seen many changes over the years and rumors are that Kane’s will be the next.  High Street runs from Summer Street to the Greenway and consists of some of Boston notable Class A towers like International Place and Tishman’s 125 High Street twin towers and 100 High Street which is under agreement by Oxford Capital.  The newest foodie on the street will be a donut shop.  I must admit, I have been to Saugus and experienced what Kane’s has to offer and it was worth the trip.

Eater.com describes the delicacy, noting “Kane’s makes a giant variety of donut flavors, including seasonal specialties like egg nog donuts in the winter and pink lemonade donuts in the summer. They also offer some other pastries, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and hot and iced coffee and teas.”

More information on the newest donut shop heading to Boston’s Financial District, hop over to coverage on Eater.