0 Office Space in the Greater Boston Suburbs is Heating Up

office space available in Boston suburbs

Credit: B&T

Is Boston office space getting too expensive with vacancy rates just above 8 percent?  Class A Boston assets are trading nearly double pre-recession levels while suburban comparable assets are still trading 23 percent below the pre-recession levels.

According to a post from Banker&Tradesman, “with fewer Boston trophy properties in play this year, investors may bid up demand in top-tier suburban markets…Properties in suburban core markets such as Route 128, Route 9 and Watertown are selling for just 21 percent above the 2006-2007 peak. Properties in all other Boston suburban markets are selling for 23 percent below the peak.”

Additional details are available on Banker and Tradesman.

0 ‘Get Paid While You Wait’ in Boston Real Estate

extra office space in boston for rent

Credit: Kinglet

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: A company has outgrown its space and they’re growing. Fast. But, how much space will they need a few years from now is anyone’s best guess. Unfortunately, guessing games won’t cut it. Guess too low and they’re moving again in no time. Guess to high, giving them room to grow, and they won’t be able to afford the rent today.

Countless businesses have sprouted up to solve this challenge. The solutions include incubators and hubs, as well as daily and even hourly rentals, including relative newcomers LiquidSpace and Breather.

There’s another approach that’s picking up steam. Instead of downsizing, a host of new startups have enabled emerging companies to super-size their office space. Companies like PivotDesk and Kinglet, available only in Baltimore for now, help organizations rent out their extra desks, on a month-by- month basis.

While PivotDesk and competitors are still new, the approach isn’t. In fact, in the investing world, it’s an age-old approach known as dividend investing. And fans of this approach aptly refer to it as the “getting paid while you wait” model. Meaning, you buy the stock today and get paid a dividend while the stock slowly grows in value. In the office space analogy, you may only need 2,500 square feet today, but instead, go for 5,000 square feet and rent out the empty desks until you need team.

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0 Solar Power Buildings Now Common in Boston Markets

Solar power going on Brookline office bulding

Credit: Wicked Local

The Town of Brookline has now hired a new solar developer to install new rooftop solar array’s on multiple buildings throughout the area adding to a trend that is becoming increasingly common among buildings in nearby markets. Needham and Newton office buildings are following suit as newly constructed buildings and properties under renovation are adding solar arrays to their composition. Be on the look out!

According to a Wicked Local post, “the town submitted a number of new buildings to Blue Wave for solar consideration…Once installed, Brookline would enter into a “power purchase agreement” with Blue Wave in which the town would set guidelines for buying power generated by the solar panels. The town would not, however, spend any money for the installation of the panels, and will not own the panels once installed.”

The full article is available on Wicked Local’s Brookline website.