0 Solar Power Buildings Now Common in Boston Markets

Solar power going on Brookline office bulding

Credit: Wicked Local

The Town of Brookline has now hired a new solar developer to install new rooftop solar array’s on multiple buildings throughout the area adding to a trend that is becoming increasingly common among buildings in nearby markets. Needham and Newton office buildings are following suit as newly constructed buildings and properties under renovation are adding solar arrays to their composition. Be on the look out!

According to a Wicked Local post, “the town submitted a number of new buildings to Blue Wave for solar consideration…Once installed, Brookline would enter into a “power purchase agreement” with Blue Wave in which the town would set guidelines for buying power generated by the solar panels. The town would not, however, spend any money for the installation of the panels, and will not own the panels once installed.”

The full article is available on Wicked Local’s Brookline website.

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