0 “The Providers” Expands in Framingham Relocation

By Connect Boston | February 25, 2020

The Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, a/k/a “The Providers,” relocated from Boston and signed a new long-term lease for more than 7,000 square feet at National Development’s 100 Crossing Boulevard in Framingham, MA. The Providers relocated from 4,200 square feet at 88 Broad St.

The Providers selected 100 Crossing Boulevard in part because of its proximity to Routes 90, 93 and 9, providing employee and client access to the space for training and daily administration of the firm. National Development worked with Margulies Perruzzi Architects and Boston Realty Advisors (BRA) to replace the former Cumberland Farms headquarters with a custom-build experience.

BRA’s Chris McMahon represented The Providers, and the landlord was advised by Cushman & Wakefield.

0 What Does the Commute Cost Boston Drivers?

Do you pick you job based on where you live or do you pick where you live based on your job?

According to estimates from the Boston Globe, “Boston-area drivers spent an extra 64 hours in the car due to traffic in 2014, a new study found. During that time, they burned an extra 30 gallons of gas and also lost time they could have been productive. It added up to an estimated $1,388 lost per driver…Boston ranked as the sixth worst major metropolitan area for traffic congestion.”


Credit: Boston Globe

You can read the full article on the Boston Globe.

0 netBlazr Unveils Fast Unbundled Internet for Boston Multi-Tenant Buildings

high speed internet from netblazrTELCO costs have continued to tumble and now the there is a pay-as-you-go model for residential internet.  Will the jump to commercial be soon to follow?

According to an article on FinancialContent, “netBlazr’s [new] Concierge is an ultra-premium, unbundled Internet service with speeds up to 10 times faster than cable and large telecom providers (above 300 megabits per second). netBlazr uses a building’s existing infrastructure and is available to select large multi-tenant buildings.”

More from FinancialContent:

“Internet is increasingly the most requested luxury amenity, especially among millennials. But property managers are justifiably wary of added expense and hard-to-maintain infrastructure,” said Jim Hanley, netBlazr’s co-founder and CEO. “netBlazr lets property managers offer residents affordable, Internet-only options without incurring any additional expense on their end. They also feel comfortable that netBlazr offers their sophisticated clients service as only a local company can. It’s truly a stellar customer experience.”

0 When’s the Right Time to Move Your Office?

moving truck filled with boxes

Credit: Inc.com

Our firm just moved, Monday June 15th was our first day in our new office.  We chose to stay in the same building after touring the market and evaluating the options and listening to the feedback from our internal teams.

The location was great, but how we used the space needed to change.  My simple suggestion: understand what you need.

Inc.com recently posted a list ‘Reasons to Move–and Reasons to Stay’ to help companies understand when it’s time to move to new office space:


Pro: Don’t under­estimate how happy a tricked-out new space can make employees.

Con: Sometimes retention requires staying put.


Pro: The battle for talent never ends, and a brand-new office in a desirable location can be a major draw.
Con: Expect that some current employees will need to be sold on the move–especially if their commute would be changing.


Pro: Move to a great new space–and get paid for it? Where do I sign?

Con: If incentives are tied to certain metrics related to job creation or retention and your company can’t meet them, be prepared for negative PR and a possible backlash.