0 Milk Street Lands Japan’s Ogawa Coffee

Milk Street coffee shop

Credit: Eater

The coffee situation is changing on Milk Street and with be the first U.S. location for Ogawa Coffee.  10 Milk Street owned by Synergy Investments landed the Oqawa Coffee headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. Boston was their first location based in part to the similarities such as rich history, college students and international visitors.

From Eater:

According to a Boston University professor and author of the book Coffee Life in Japan, Japan is one of the world’s top three consumers of coffee, along with the United States and Germany, and it brews its coffee the strongest, Viser wrote. In Japan, brewed coffee is the main focus; the October 2014 Globe article surmised that the forthcoming Ogawa will offer more espresso options to cater to the Boston-area market.

0 Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market: Marked for an Overhaul

Faneuil hall and quicy market in downtown boston

Credit: ABCNews

Faneuil Hall is set for change.  Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp will be looking to convert some of the office space to a boutique hotel in the South Market Building.

From ABCNews:

“Quincy Market, the granite-columned marketplace just behind red-brick Faneuil Hall, is part of one of the world’s top tourist destinations, attracting visitors seeking a taste of revolutionary history and a cup of New England clam chowder…after four decades, the market’s operator says Quincy Market — along with the two brick buildings along either side that house office space and retail chains — is past due for an overhaul.

“Among its early plans are transforming existing office space in the South Market building into a new, 180-room boutique hotel; installing the Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo on the top floor of Quincy Market; and redesigning the building’s crowded food court with more open space, sit-down restaurants and, possibly, moveable bars. Along the marketplace’s familiar cobblestone paths, the company wants to possibly introduce ping pong tables, shuffleboard and performance spaces for live music and poetry and book readings.

0 WeWork Plans Café Across from South Station in Boston

shared office space in cambridge

Credit: Bostinno.Streetwise.co

Café owners lookout; a new provider is opening up with its own customer base.  WeWork continues to forge ahead and cater to the customer by offering additional services at street level  The latest venue is a Café’, by no sense is this a new concept, but it is if you are in the temporary office space business.  This fulfills two goals; first more services to its existing customer base.  Second; a street level presence to attract new customers.  Banking has also seen this in Café 360 by Capital One.

Bostinno.StreetWise.co is reporting a “Small scoop here: In the midst of a Boston expansion, WeWork has also taken street-level retail space in the Hub. The company plans to open a coffee shop at 745 Atlantic Ave., a few floors below its shared workspace in the same building…This sets up a potential barista duel for the hearts and minds of downtown Boston’s startup set. Cambridge Innovation Center, another shared workspace, is also developing a café project on the ground floor of its 60,000-square-foot Boston facility at 50 Milk Street. CIC’s founder and chief executive, Tim Rowe, demurred about a date for its opening.”

The full article details WeWork’s cafe project as well as how it fits in with its larger corporate strategy. You can read it on Bostinno.Streetwise.