0 745 Atlantic Avenue Welcomes new Retail Tenant

In the shadows of South Station there is a new spot to caffeinate your day, 745 Atlantic Avenue is now home to La Colombe’s.

La Colombe coffee shop in Boston

Credit: Boston Eater

Boston Eater quotes one of La Colombe’s co-founders, JP Iberti:

“When I select a space I like to go in places where I feel like the neighborhood is a little bit underserved so you can really start kind of a bond with the neighborhood,” Iberti said. “It’s important with a cafe; it takes time to build.”

“The way we design cafes is more of a linear way, rather than stamping them out. You’re not going to see this cafe if we open two more cafes in Boston, three more; you’re not going to see the same bar,” he said. “Maybe you’ll see a sense of flow and a sense of space, in terms of how light comes into the space, how we move people, how we want people to feel.”

“For us, every cafe is kind of a continuation of the design. We try to make sure that people don’t focus on how many stores we’re doing,” Iberti said.

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