0 Kane’s Donuts Heading to Boston Financial District

Kanes Donuts space in Boston

Credit: Eater

High Street has seen many changes over the years and rumors are that Kane’s will be the next.  High Street runs from Summer Street to the Greenway and consists of some of Boston notable Class A towers like International Place and Tishman’s 125 High Street twin towers and 100 High Street which is under agreement by Oxford Capital.  The newest foodie on the street will be a donut shop.  I must admit, I have been to Saugus and experienced what Kane’s has to offer and it was worth the trip.

Eater.com describes the delicacy, noting “Kane’s makes a giant variety of donut flavors, including seasonal specialties like egg nog donuts in the winter and pink lemonade donuts in the summer. They also offer some other pastries, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and hot and iced coffee and teas.”

More information on the newest donut shop heading to Boston’s Financial District, hop over to coverage on Eater.

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