0 Boston Food Trucks Fall Short in Hygiene

How close is your office to the nearest food truck? City of Boston Health inspectors are worried about fresh water on the trucks for hand washing.

Food trucks in Boston and cambridge

Credit: Boston Globe

From the Boston Globe:

But food trucks, which are proliferating at a rapid pace around Boston, are more likely to be temporarily shut down for serious health violations than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, most commonly for violating a basic requirement for proper sanitation: running water.

A Boston Globe review of 2016 city health records found that while food trucks were less likely overall than restaurants to have violations, they were more likely to be suspended for serious issues that pose an “imminent public health threat.” Nine of the city’s 96 licensed food trucks last year were closed on the spot until the violations were corrected, usually within a week or two. By comparison, two of every 100 restaurants were suspended.

0 Starbucks Unveils “High-End” Spin-Off Cafe

Starbucks high-end cafe concept, Reserve in NYC

Credit: Bisnow

Starbuck on a high end scale?  Well, some customers might appreciate the vibe and who would have thought that a bottle of water would be more expensive than a gallon of gas in 2016?

According to Bisnow, Starbucks is trying its hand at upscale cafes, called Reserve, “where a 12-ounce cup of plain black coffee will go for $4—twice as much as the chain’s signature Pike Place roast…the store’s interior—with color palette evidently inspired by coffee—is an art aficionado’s dream. The walls are decked out with artwork for purchase; the center of the store is a cozy lounge complete with armchairs, sofas, standing lamps and a vintage rug; hand grinders and other coffee accessories are on display around the store.  The menus—hand-lettered pieces of paper clipped to backer boards—include exclusive and rare coffees, with prices up to $4.50 for a medium serving.”

The Reserve brand originates from Starbucks’ specialty coffee line, and is expected to grow to 500 stores globally over the next several years.


0 Boston Gets ‘Fresh Food Truck’

Boston now has a food truck offering fresh raw vegetables and fruit.  It seems gone are the days of a truck that serves items that have been cooked or assemble weeks prior with little consideration for presentation or freshness. I wonder if you could request the bus to show up at your office or neighborhood using UBER?

Fruit Truck, fresh fruit bus in Boston

Credit: The Boston Globe

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