0 Boston Gets ‘Fresh Food Truck’

Boston now has a food truck offering fresh raw vegetables and fruit.  It seems gone are the days of a truck that serves items that have been cooked or assemble weeks prior with little consideration for presentation or freshness. I wonder if you could request the bus to show up at your office or neighborhood using UBER?

Fruit Truck, fresh fruit bus in Boston

Credit: The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe recently reported on a new venture, Fresh Truck:

founders Josh Trautwein and Daniel Clarke, recent Northeastern University graduates, came up with the idea last year and work full time now to serve neighborhoods in need of more healthful food options. Fresh Truck is plotting a weekly schedule of routes, starting with Roxbury Crossing. ‘There is a groundswell and a lot of opportunity around food access because there is still a lot of disparity,’ Trautwein said. ‘Finding affordable and healthy food can be an issue in any city.’There are only seats for the driver and a couple of passengers on the food bus. A counter and staircase have been installed. Storage space has been optimized to include as much produce as possible. And, yes, the bus underwent a deep clean first.‘We’re not offering our food at a lower price because it’s lower quality.’

You can read the full article on The Boston Globe

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