0 Cambridge Office Rents Push Out Small Businesses

Cambridge Center office space in Cambridge Mass

4 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA

If you’re a CEO of o a small software company that has recently been funded where do you go?  Well the next question is what can you prudently afford. Gone are the days of leasing as much space as you can and hoping for revenue. Today’s decision makers would love to continue to grow their business within close proximity of the think tanks at Harvard and MIT; the reality, however, is that those locations are being gobbled up by the large publicly-traded tech companies with a worldwide presence. The notion of paying $60 PSF doesn’t affect them as much when you compare it to pricing in London or Singapore.

The Boston Business Journal describes the surge in Class A office space in Cambridge, identifying the “one-year increase roughly equates to a 25-to-30 percent price hike for tenants seeking a new or expanded beachhead in the Bay State’s innovation hub.”

You can check out office space available in Cambridge or read the BBJ’s article.

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