0 Boston Seaport Ferry Trial Set to Begin

Boston financial district office space

Credit: Boston Business Journal

Are you looking for an easier way to Boston’s Seaport? The ferry is coming! OK, it’s a trial, but at least it’s a start.

According to Banker and Tradesman, “the trial service – with ferries making the trip to Fan Pier in approximately 13 minutes – was originally projected to launch in fall 2017. Related Beal committed to pay $794,000 and a $500,000 grant from Massachusetts Department of Transportation will cover the rest of the dock project, [Rich McGuinness, deputy director for waterfront planning at the Boston Planning and Development Agency] said. The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority will oversee the trial service operation, which will be partially funded by corporate subsidies.”

Additional information is available on the BBJ.

0 BRA Wants the Lights Dimmed on Boston’s Seaport

Fan Pier in Boston across the water

Credit: B&T

How bright is too bright for Boston’s Seaport?  It appears that what has been proposed in the design phase is significantly dimmer than post construction and the regulators are rethinking approvals going forward.

From Banker&Tradesman:

The Vertex Pharmaceuticals headquarters’ “eye-catching arrays have met with mixed reviews in a city that often views changes in the skyline with suspicion.”

“Personally, I loathe the lighting on those buildings,” said Michael Davis, co-chair of the Boston Civic Design Commission. “We like interesting, progressive architecture, but subtlety is important and the new lighting we’re getting on the Fan Pier, no one would call subtle or sophisticated.”

Now, Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) officials are asking the developer to tone down the light show.

0 Starbucks Opens Waterfront Retail Location at Boston’s Fan Pier

Starbucks has crossed the Fort Point Channel into the Seaport with its new location at Fan Pier.

Office Buildings at Boston's fan pier

Credit: fanpierboston.com

From the WSJ’s Market Watch:

“Lease agreements have been reached with each of the new tenants to occupy more than 21,450 square feet of existing space on the lobby level of Fifty Northern Avenue, one of two build-to-suit towers – along with Eleven Fan Pier Boulevard – housing Vertex Pharmaceutical’s global headquarters…Starbucks Coffee Company’s Fan Pier location will occupy 2,100 square feet of street floor space, which is expected to open in the summer of 2014.”


0 Sale of Vertex Towers Being Considered

Vertex Towers in Boston's Seaport

Credit: Boston Business Journal

If you dream it, build it and lease it; they will come. As much is true at least if you’re Joe Fallon, developer of Fan pier.

A Boston Business Journal report notes that Fallon, the creator of the Seaport’s Waterfront Towers, is considering another sale that would impact that market. According to the BBJ, “Fallon will sell the two Vertex towers on Fan Pier at the right price.”

Further details on the potential sale of Vertex towers can be found on the BBJ.