0 Office Design Trends in Boston

The evolution of the office space continues at a dramatic pace.  Technology has been at the forefront in the change with Wi-Fi, demountable private office systems and informational screen systems.  Some still demand the private office while others are embracing the collaborative environment.

open office space in Boston

Credit: The Boston Globe

A Boston Globe editorial examined a cross-section of office space inhabited by some of Boston’s largest businesses. In the article, the Globe describes that “offices are being designed to offer slightly cramped but open spaces to create “collision zones” for employees, where conversations get started and ideas get hatched. Status-based work areas have gotten the pink slip as companies envision cross-departmental, even cross-industry alliances. And why have a meeting around a gigantic table when you and a few co-workers can set up shop in a booth — not so different from one at Denny’s.”

You can read the Globe editorial by following the link.

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