0 Broomfield Street in Downtown Crossing in the Crosshairs of Change

Bromfield street in Boston

Credit: Wbur

Boston continues to grow and change, the result of which, is larger developments with big footprints. Change is at the forefront for some neighborhoods that are witnessing redevelopment on a grand scale.

Bromfield Street in Downtown Crossing is in the crosshairs of change, and it is possible that the two-block street might follow that of the 8-track player.

From Wbur:

On Wednesday night, the Boston Redevelopment Authority will consider plans for this new curved, irregular tower at 1 Bromfield St. And that could portend huge changes for the little street once described as Boston’s “hobby street,” where there’s still just a little bit of the old Boston left.

The proposed building would be 700 feet tall — as tall as Millennium Tower — which is in the final stretches of its construction across the street at 1 Franklin St. The New York developer, Midwood, would have to get the height restriction in the neighborhood changed to build the project.

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