0 Winter Gardens Becoming A Fixture in Boston Buildings

rendering of Binney street winter gardens

Credit: Boston Globe

A nature walk has something for everybody and the concept of winter gardens should be embraced by all.  The rentable square feet per employee is shrinking and collaboration space is growing.

According to the GSA’s “Washington headquarters is completed in 2013, the building will accommodate 4,500 workers — almost 2,000 more than a year ago — because of shared work spaces and telecommuting. GSA Headquarter office will average approximately 80 USF (92 RSF) per person of workspace.”

From the Boston Globe:

Prodded by tenants, residents, and city officials to create more parks and open spaces, developers are resurrecting an old architectural idea to beautify new buildings: “winter gardens.”

Alexandria Real Estate Equities has completed most of the work on its 6,000-square-foot winter garden at 75-125 Binney St., the future home of Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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