0 What Makes for Cool Office Space in Boston?

Modern office space in Boston

Credit: The Boston Globe

Some of the creative spaces to work house some interesting amenities that would have been frowned-upon in the recent past.  How we work and how we collaborate has evolved, and companies are trying to offer a creative and fun environment that can help their teams excel.

Cool features include:

·         Hammock
·         Beer tabs
·         Standing desks
·         IT vending machine
·         Nap room
·         Kitchens with large flat-screen TV’s
·         Foosball
·         Treadmill desks
·         No assigned desks
·         Wall displays of employees which is designed to make introductions
·         Town hall styled meeting space
·         Glass, glass and more glass for abundant natural light

A recent Boston Globe article on Boston’s “Cool Office Spaces at Top Places to Work“, notes “some of Top Places to Work winners have some excellent digs for their employees. Newer workspaces include beer on tap, flexible workstations, and even a nap room in one case.” The Globe article also includes a slideshow of Boston’s stylish office spaces to peruse.

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