0 Transit During The Era Of Social Distancing: How The Pandemic Has Impacted Transit & What That Means For Boston

The use of transit and commuting has come to a halt since the start of the pandemic. Now, people are wondering what continued social distancing measures will mean for the future of subways and busses. How might the office community be impacted with limited commuter options moving forward? How will a lack of accessibility to the inner city impact the demand for real estate? What are transit leaders thinking about the future of transit?

Join Bisnow on June 11 along with MassDot/MBTA Chief Strategy Officer & Undersecretary Scott Bosworth, BSC Group President & CEO Sean O’Brien and Metropolitan Area Planning Council Government Affairs Director Lizzi Weyant as they discuss how the pandemic has impacted transit and their thoughts on what it could mean for the market.

Our content will touch on:

  • How will transit-oriented developments be impacted in the short and long-term?
  • People are always searching for homes and offices close to public transit hubs. If people are no longer using public transit due to the pandemic, how will that influence the demand for CRE?
  • How might the issues around transit during the pandemic impact the office market?
  • How will transit funding be impacted by the decline in government tax revenue due to the pandemic?

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