0 Tavern at the Office?

Beer tap in office computer

Photo Credit: DarkRoastedBlend.com

As tenants think about space layouts and efficiency factors some tenants are creating a far more relaxed atmosphere. Imagine your own pub at the office; 51 Melcher Street in Boston Seaport will have it.

Bert Jacobs, CEO (Chief Executive Optimist) and co-founder of The Life is Good Company, in an article on the Wall Street Journal, states, “when we move our headquarters from Boston’s Back Bay to the Seaport District this fall, we’re going to build a tavern in the office…we’ll put some beers on tap, like Harpoon IPA and maybe Guinness. It will have lounge seating, a big fireplace and a bar area. People can work there or hang out with friends or co-workers. The idea is to blur the lines between work and play.”

WSJ subscribers can read the full article, here: I’m Building a Tavern at My Company.

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