0 Boston to become more Bike Friendly

Bike lanes in Boston make the city more bike friendly

Photo Credit: Boston Globe

We have all seen them, some of us know them, and others are them. I am a firm believer in sharing the road, but all that use the road need to obey the same laws. Countless times I have nearly been hit by cyclists heading the wrong way on Boylston Street. I’m not too sure what they are thinking, but I know as a driver, it’s against the law.

An editorial in the Boston Globe, based on a comprehensive multi-year study on city-wide bike collision data, reports “city transportation officials hope to introduce cycle tracks, bike lanes separated from the street by a barrier, on a few sections of busy roads…Police, who have for years ­issued warnings to cyclists who run red lights or glide through stop signs, will now hand out $20 citations…and city officials are considering a plan to push city councilors to pass a law requiring all cyclists to wear a helmet.”

You can read the complete article on the Boston Globe website: Boston Bicycling Safety

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