0 Winthrop Square Tower Pushes to Maintain Height

Winthrop Square tower development

Credit: Boston Globe

No change in height from the developer for Winthrop Square tower.

From Curbed, Boston:

The main bone of contention re: the development is its height, which will likely stretch to 775 feet. That has raised concerns about potential shadows that the tower might cast on the Common and the Public Garden.

Is Millennium considering cutting the height? No. We feel this project was holistically designed at its optimum size in response to achieving the goals that the city required for this public asset.

0 Winthrop Square Garage Project Faces Another Obstacle

Winthrop Square garage site

Credit: Boston Globe

The shuttered garage of Winthrop Square faces another hurdle in the quest for redevelopment.

According to the Boston Globe, “Shirley Kressel, filed [a] complaint Jan. 4 with the state attorney general [alleging] the city and its legal department have repeatedly violated municipal law in an effort to transfer the parking garage to the Boston Redevelopment Authority…Kressel is trying to block the transfer of the garage to the redevelopment authority because she fears the proceeds from the sale of taxpayer-owned land will go to the quasi-public agency. City councilors had an agreement with the redevelopment authority stipulating that the money would go into city coffers.”

You can read more on the latest hurdle facing the Winthrop Square redevelopment project on the Boston Globe’s website.