0 Amazon Echo Speech-Technology Stems from Kendall Square

Amazon Kendall Square office space in Cambridge

Credit: Boston Business Journal

Did you know that Amazon’s Echo came from Cambridge?

From the Boston Globe:

The voice recognition technology in Amazon’s Echo is a key focus of the company’s Cambridge office…The high-tech brains that make it work come from [Rohit] Prasad’s team. He runs Amazon’s speech science efforts from the company’s Kendall Square office, overseeing the scientists, engineers, and data specialists who make the Echo something you can talk to.

The Echo is a critically acclaimed hit for Amazon. The canister-shaped device can turn on a smart TV, play your favorite album, or fetch the weather report, all by listening to your voice. And Amazon plans to add even more functions to its growing list.

0 Cambridge Office Rents Continue to Grow

Rendering of Binney street office space

Credit: BBJ

Office rents continue to climb in East Cambridge in both Lab and Office with some of $80 per square foot.

A BBJ article reports, “Escalating rents in Cambridge’s Kendall Square are pushing away some young life science and biotech companies, but there’s still incredibly strong demand for Class A office and lab space in the neighborhood, according to Alexandria Real Estate Equities.”

You can read the full article on the Boston Business Journal’s website.

0 Facebook’s Cambridge Office Space Hits One-Year Mark

Facebook office space in Kendall Square

Credit: Facebook

So you have just been funded and you are in the hunt for the perfect office to grow the team.  Have a look at the new digs for Facebook in Cambridge for some ideas.

Ryan Mack, the site lead for Facebook Boston notes in a blog post, “we look forward to hosting some of these events at the Facebook office, where we have a newly expanded space to support our growing engineering team. In the coming year we’ll continue hiring experienced engineers for our Boston team to work on data infrastructure, core systems services, location, and language runtimes, as well as new grads.”

You can also check out photos of Facebook’s office space in Cambridge on its site.