0 Clover Restaurant’s Flagship location Showcases CEO’s Office

Clover restaurant Boston

Credit: Boston Business Journal

Ayr Muir, the founder and CEO of Clover wants to be in the middle if it all, choosing to put his office in the center of the flagship location at 160 Federal Street in the Financial District of Boston.

According to Bizjournals’ Boston publication, “it’s a move that likely has its roots in the transparency that Muir has been espousing since he opened the business in 2008 as a single food truck. The company’s employee handbook is posted online and mentions that ‘we’re going to ask you to learn (and help us learn) from EVERY SINGLE mistake you make. We love NEW MISTAKES, but we hate seeing the same mistakes again and again.’ Clover, which specializes in using data to track customer behavior and modify menu items, currently has nine locations in the Boston area.”

You can read more on Clover’s flagship location, here.

0 New Financial District Eatery: Serafina

Serafina restaurant in Boston Financial District

Credit: Boston Globe

10 High Street in Boston’s Financial District is home to a new eatery, Serafina.  Fresh, modern Italian cooking.

At a glance, courtesy of the Boston Globe:

Some 30 black-and-white stills from Federico Fellini films, placed throughout the Financial District Italian restaurant.

Whose idea
Restaurant designer Petra Hausberger of Brookline’s Somerton Park Interiors wanted to festoon Serafina with shots from Fellini movies like “La Dolce Vita” and “8½” because they would “engulf the space in fantasy and glamour.” Helpfully, a close friend is an archivist at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in LA. Hausberger was sent digital copies of the stills, many of which feature actress Anita Ekberg.

10 High St.
Financial District, Boston