0 Storm-Resistant AquaFence will Shield Atlantic Wharf Building

flood protection around Atlantic Wharf building in Boston financial district

Credit: WGBH

I must admit I have never heard of this, AquaFence.  Boston Properties the owner of Atlantic Wharf at 280 Congress is on the forefront of flood prevention.

A WGBH news article describes the AquaFence; “when it’s assembled, an AquaFence turns a single building into something like a walled city, with one big difference: the side of the wall facing out — toward the encroaching storm water — is connected to a series of panels that lie on the ground. Atlantic Wharf’s property manager, Barrett Cooke, says floodwater is supposed to cover those panels on the ground, weighing them down and strengthening the whole AquaFence.”

Some of the tenants for 280 Congress Street are:

• Wellington Financial
• McKinsey
• TripAdvisor
• Raptor Group

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