0 Kayak Hosts Cambridge Hackathon to Recruit New Hires

Cambridge office space of Kayak

Credit: Boston Business Journal

Today’s office tenants are not only using their office to house their staff, meet and greet their customers, but now as a recruiting tool.  Kayak hosted an event for new recruits earlier this year at their new 42,000 square foot facility.

From the BBJ:

The chance for non-Kayak employees to show off their tech skills is a win-win for the company and for those techies, said Kayak chief technology officer Giorgos Zacharia in a recent interview.

“We want to be known as a cool company in this area,” said Zacharia. “People don’t know that we moved. The hackathon is a way to make it known that Kayak is now in Cambridge and we’re in this amazing space.”

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