0 Seaport Office Boom Leads to Traffic Complications

Boston seaport office building on Congress St

303 Congress Street (click to view property details)

The Seaport is a vibrant live, work and play location that continue to evolve.  The next challenge for all the success is how to mitigate the traffic.

From Banker & Tradesman:

Seaport Boulevard is a hotbed of construction, boasting corporate headquarters with worldwide name recognition…[and] with only two bridged access points, the neighborhood’s traffic is not yet overwhelmingly terrible (at least not any more than the rest of the city), but it grows worse with every new high-rise. Parking is becoming increasingly scarce, particularly in the winter months.

City planners are well aware of these issues and are taking steps to address them. Despite growing pains, the neighborhood known varyingly as Fort Point, the Seaport and yes, even the Innovation District, is an unparalleled success.

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