0 Pets, Beer, and Ping-Pong Help to Shape HubSpot’s New Office Environment

Canal street office space in Cambridge

Credit: Boston Business Journal

Office fit-ups are more in-line to accommodate an employee as a whole person than a worker.  The notion that you can bring your dog, grab a beer and play ping-pong doesn’t sound like a workplace or a bar, but rather a gathering at a friend’s house.  Architects and landlords have embraced this and are trying to retrofit existing buildings, while incorporating this approach into new construction.

Another illustration of this trend is HubSpot’s new Cambridge office space. According to Bizjournals, “the expansion at 2 Canal is a complement to the company’s existing headquarters at 25 First St. in Cambridge. Dozens of employees are moving into the new office this week, including HubSpot’s product team, business operations and product marketing. That will free up room for renovation and expansion projects at the company’s 118,000-square-foot headquarters at 25 First St., where they recently signed a lease extension to occupy most of the building in the coming years.”

You can read the full article from the BBJ, here.

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