0 GE Moves Worldwide HQ to Boston Seaport

GE moves to Boston Seaport

Credit: BBJ

GE is coming, GE is coming!  Boston is different, this is not just a place to have an office, it is an area to foster growth and explore far-fetched ideas and move dreams to reality.

This quote says it all:

“GE aspires to be the most competitive company in the world,” said GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt in a statement. “Today, GE is a $130 billion high-tech global industrial company, one that is leading the digital transformation of industry. We want to be at the center of an ecosystem that shares our aspirations. Greater Boston is home to 55 colleges and universities. Massachusetts spends more on research and development than any other region in the world, and Boston attracts a diverse, technologically-fluent workforce focused on solving challenges for the world. We are excited to bring our headquarters to this dynamic and creative city.”

I feel lucky to be practicing RE in this region that attracts companies like GE.

For more info on GE’s move to Boston’s Seaport, jump over to the BBJ’s article.

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