0 Office Security a Growing Consideration for Boston Businesses

Boston office security and guard

Credit: CityMetric

Our world continues to change, and buildings that once didn’t require you to sign in now require a government-issued ID for access.  To me, it’s a logical progression; we lock our doors at home and our car doors in parking lots, so we should be similarly clear on who we let into our workplace.  People need to feel safe without feeling caged in.

When prospective office users are touring space in Boston, building security and property access is a topic all care about.  Some prefer a locked building with key card access only while other prefer a staffed lobby where identification is required.

“In some office towers, clients compared the secure company headquarters in New York City to the Boston satellite office and wondered why there was such an open door in Boston. This comparison prompted some building personnel to needlessly upgrade security and perimeter protection to assuage fears,” according to CityMetric.

In your search for the perfect location and space, be clear on what security and safety measures your coworkers and customers value most.

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