0 MBTA Announces Late-night Service in 2014

MBTA T train in Boston

Credit: Boston Globe

Boston is no longer comprised of 9 – 5 workers.  Our city has evolved to a 24-hour workforce and our infrastructure and services need to play catchup.  Great news for all those getting off work after midnight: starting in 2014, the MBTA will run late-night weekend train and bus service.

From The Boston Globe:

the T will run all subway trains and the 15 most popular bus routes until 3 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Yes, the T is still cash-strapped, and the state budget remains tight, but Governor Deval Patrick has found about $20 million, along with pledges from corporate sponsors, to launch a one-year pilot program to begin in March or April.

The full Globe article on the upcoming late-night MBTA sevice is available, here.

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