0 Office Space Now Serves as a Recruiting Tool

Trip Advisor office building in Boston

Credit: Contemporist

Office space is no longer just a place to work, but rather a recruiting tool.  Prospective employees not only are evaluating their financial compensation, additionally they investigate the work environment.  The new office model encompasses much smaller footprint per employee while many more collaborative areas.

From Boston.com

The recent TripAdvisor and New Balance office unveilings in the greater Boston area have included variations on the same theme: these buildings are necessary to attract young talent.

With their spiffy, modern, amenity-filled new digs, these companies are competing with the likes of Google, Apple, and Amazon to get the top talent in the country and the world.

0 Architects Look to Use Virtual Reality to Portray Building Designs

VR for office space in Boston

Credit: BetaBoston

What will it look like?  Let’s take a play out of our kids playbook by tapping into the gaming technology and apply it to proposed architecture.  Tsoi/Kobus & Associates in Cambridge is doing just that by using Revizto to create a digital building.  Put on the virtual reality goggles and let’s go for a walk.

From BetaBoston:

To “enter” a building, the client dons a pair of Oculus virtual reality goggles and gets an immersive first-person view. If she turns her head to the right, she sees what’s to the right. If she walks down stairs, using a joystick or keyboard commands to move, she feels a slight bounce on each step. She can walk through doors or go up on the roof to get a sense of how it will feel to be inside the space.

Another magical part? All of this can be done before a contract for a building is even awarded and could eliminate the need for creating life-size physical mock-ups out of plywood — making the whole process much more efficient.

0 Cloud Computing’s Impact on Today’s Office Space

Office space is used far differently today than 25 years ago. Production is no longer measured by how much time you log in a seat at your desk, but rather what is accomplished by the day’s end. Some jobs still require sitting in a specific seat — lab technicians and receptionists are the two that come to mind — but those restrictions are becoming less and less applicable to the majority of professions.  At our company we offer a wide variety of options for our team members, much of which is a direct result enhanced virtual desktops. Only a few years ago, you had to sit at your desk in order to access your computer and critical electronic files; now your electronic desktop can follow you.

co-working and shared office space infographic

Credit: MBACentral

An article from MBAcentral on coworking spaces observes “the changing nature of business and the workforce [noting] 4 in 10 U.S. workers…will be temps, freelancers or contractors, 8 in 10 Large corporations [are] planning to increase use of flexible workforce, Nearly 90% of businesses have already adopted some cloud computing. [and] 80% of companies offer flexible working arrangements, including telework.”

You can read the full article, here.

0 Big Data Analytics Start-up Moves HQ from SF to Boston

San Francisco vs. Boston.  Not on the playing field, rather at the recruiting table.

Big Data startup Rocana provides ops solutions for IT

Credit: Rocana

The Boston Business Journal recently wrote an editorial on a SF tech start-up that decided to situate its HQ in Boston. In the BBJ article, the CEO, “Trajman, who founded venture-backed Rocana about a year and a half ago, said that while San Francisco innovators are future-thinkers focused on the next big thing, Boston innovators are more focused on solving current issues with high-tech solutions…He said he hopes his company can serve as a role model for future entrepreneurial endeavors considering a Boston headquarters. Trajman joins several other startup founders who have said they’re committed to growing their businesses in Boston instead of in the West Coast.”

You can read the full article on the BBJ, here.

0 Copley Place Upgrades Planned

Copley Square updates

Credit: Bisnow

Copley Square is going to see some major upgrade to Copley Place.  Simon Properties in planning major interior and exterior upgrades with completion in the Summer of ’16.

Bisnow is reporting that, “come September, Copley Place begins both interior and exterior upgrades. Simon Malls president David Contis says the high-end shopping destination will have a more modern and cohesive look. Simon expects to add a number of luxury retailers. Copley Place will remain open during renovations, with the majority of the project expected to be completed by summer 2016.”

You can read the original post, here.


0 Boston Office Designers Discuss their Craft

Boston office design

Credit: BostInno

How does a designer think about crafting that cool, creative new office space that will foster innovative ideas?  Well, have a look into the thought process of three of Boston’s best at Bostinno:

• Nina Chase is a landscape architect at Sasaki Associates.

• Haril Pandya is a principal at CBT Architects.

• Michael LeBlanc is a principal at Utile Inc.

0 Is WeWork’s $5 Billion Valuation Justified?

shared office space at wework

Credit: Bloomberg

Is WeWork onto something here or will this be a passing fad?  Time will tell, but if the 90,000 glasses served last month are a litmus test of the future, WeWork is onto something that could transform how “Justin in time” office space is used.

From Bloomberg:

At a basic level, WeWork is a company that sublets office space, taking care of many of the time-consuming hassles involved in self-employment. That’s not the factor, though, that has captured the fancy of venture capital investors, who have pushed the five-year-old company’s valuation to a giddy $5 billion…WeWork has cast itself as a new kind of workplace for the post-recession labor force and a generation that has never known a cubicle. It aspires to make your job a place you never want to quit.


0 MassChallenge Accepts 128 New Startups

boston startup accelerator logoWho are the newest inductees into MassChallenge?  Have a look.

The BBJ remarked on the program’s intrigue, “part of the four-month long no-equity program, startup teams will be granted free office space at MassChallenge’s headquarters in the Seaport and work with expert mentors in the area. Hardware startups will also have access to the MADE@ MassChallenge hardware lab, where they can prototype and manufacture products.”

Jump over to the BizJournals.com website to see the complete list of all 128 startups accepted to the accelerator program.

0 April Fools: Corporate Edition

Boston mad men office design for april fools

Credit: The Boston Globe

April fools isn’t only for the water sprayer at the kitchen sink.  Some of the team at Endeavour Partners in Kendall Square were taken back when they arrived at their office on April 1st.

According to The Boston Globe, an elaborate April Fools’ Day prank was achieved by the office assistants and company chief executive Michael A.M. Davies; “more than a dozen computers and phones were replaced by typewriters, notepads, and rotary phones. Old records and copies of Life magazine were placed around the office, along with a bottle of whiskey for good measure…Neel Desai, an associate consultant, said the gag was indicative of the office culture at the company.”

You can read more about the ruse on The Boston Globe.

0 Boston Greenway will Influence Nearby Office Design

Boston’s Greenway transcends the city’s current incarnation, and will continue to benefit from times gone by. Surrounding buildings will need to create access points to invite visitors to directly access the park and highlight the lush Greenway landscape.

North End Park Boston

Credit: Bostinno.Streetwise

Bostinno.Streetwise articulates how the city’s architecture can grow to accentuate the Greenway in the coming years:

This beautiful Greenway carved through the heart of downtown Boston, building owners, architects and developers should really be thinking about repositioning the front of their buildings toward the “center.” If you walk down the 1.5-acre strip, you will notice that many of the buildings’ entrances are facing opposite the park toward the dark “maze of streets,” limiting options for retail, hospitality and ultimately commerce along this central corridor.

If we turned these buildings around, similar to what happened in P.O. Square and the projects we completed there, the 1 P.O. Square and 225 Franklin Street lobbies, the Greenway could serve as a grassy green extension of our workplace’s front porch.

You can read the full editorial on Bostinno.Streetwise.co.