0 Cloud Computing’s Impact on Today’s Office Space

Office space is used far differently today than 25 years ago. Production is no longer measured by how much time you log in a seat at your desk, but rather what is accomplished by the day’s end. Some jobs still require sitting in a specific seat — lab technicians and receptionists are the two that come to mind — but those restrictions are becoming less and less applicable to the majority of professions.  At our company we offer a wide variety of options for our team members, much of which is a direct result enhanced virtual desktops. Only a few years ago, you had to sit at your desk in order to access your computer and critical electronic files; now your electronic desktop can follow you.

co-working and shared office space infographic

Credit: MBACentral

An article from MBAcentral on coworking spaces observes “the changing nature of business and the workforce [noting] 4 in 10 U.S. workers…will be temps, freelancers or contractors, 8 in 10 Large corporations [are] planning to increase use of flexible workforce, Nearly 90% of businesses have already adopted some cloud computing. [and] 80% of companies offer flexible working arrangements, including telework.”

You can read the full article, here.

0 Is co-working Office Space in Boston for You?

Shared office space in Boston

Credit: Bisnow

What is co-working space and is it the correct fit for you and your team?  Well, if you can play nice in the sandbox and share, it is a great tool as your company grows.  Planning is key, meaning, if you require private conference rooms, you will need to plan and reserve them.  Don’t expect that they will be waiting for you.

Weigh out the pro’s and con’s and then make your decision.

If you still need some help deciding, Bisnow.com notes its bottom line, “coworking providers have democratized space and turned it into a liquid asset as technology and tech entrepreneurism explode and startups seek collaborative offices with flexible lease terms instead of the growth-hindering “corner office” route.”

0 Cambridge Co-working Office Space Sends Five Entrepreneurs to Shark Tank

Workbar, coworking space in Cambridge MA

Credit: BBJ

Co-working office spaces continue to create a platform where innovative ideas can turn into companies.  Yes, I’m a fan of Shark Tank and I love how the show boils a product pitch down to five minutes from pitch to investment.

Reporting on the local angle on the show, the BBJ notes that “entrepreneurs drove from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to pitch their business ideas at Cambridge co-working space Workbar on Thursday in hopes of getting national exposure on ABC’s Shark Tank…About 100 people were standing in line an hour before pitches started.

The growing interest and relevance of co-working office space in Cambridge is beneficial to both the entrepreneurs, who will spur future growth, as well as the environment and infrastructure that surrounds it.

For details on the five selected entrepreneurs, read the full article on the Boston Business Journal.