0 Can Small Businesses Grow and Evolve in Co-Working Spaces

boston co-working office space

Credit: Bisnow

Yes, you can. The devil is in the details, and at some point when your head count gets above a certain level you will want to create your own company culture.

From Bisnow:

Over just the past couple of years, we’ve watched modern co-working become a multibillion-dollar industry, seemingly right under our noses. WeWork’s now valued well into the 11-digit range, and attempts to jump into the fray are everywhere, from in-house shared space provided by companies like Silverstein Properties, to small operations popping up outside of traditional office districts. But if part of the point of co-working spaces is to help small companies grow, what happens when they do?

The answer: they evolve and develop an internal culture to reflect its products and corporate values.

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