0 Boston Among Top Hubs for International Investment

Boston skyline

Credt: Bisnow

Since I am from Boston, I am clearly biased in thinking that this is The Hub. Boston has a wonderful cross section of talent and disciplines that make our collective community diverse as we compete in the public theatre.

This also holds true in real-estate and investment activity, according to a report from real estate firm JLL, “which ranked Boston 14th in the world, and fourth in the U.S., in terms of international investment activity in the last three years, relative to its size.”

“JLL listed Boston among a number of small to medium-sized cities in the U.S., Europe, and Australia with strong infrastructure and talent-driven economies that have become popular with foreign capital, as prices have surged in the most expensive big markets. Those cities have doubled their share of global real estate investment over the last decade.”

You can read more on the Boston Globe.

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