0 Boston Realty Advisors is Open for Business

We quickly transitioned to our new temporary reality and instituted a new morning ritual called – “Zoom with Wil.”

The all hands-on (employee only) virtual call jump starts our day, providing each of us the opportunity to connect, share information, and learn from one another.

Every morning “Zoom with Wil” features an industry guest speaker.  Today, we were honored to have Christopher Rosser from WS Development.  Mr. Rosser served in the military and discussed the similarities of battling COVID-19 to actual combat.  Fundamentally, he said the best thing to do is, “Stay calm.”  The following are other takeaways from his presentation and Q&A session.

  • Stressed the importance of learning from this episode in order to be better prepared for the next time.
  • Touched upon the value of convenience retail versus the potential hit that high-end retail will likely endure.
  • Talked about coworking space and reminded the tuned-in group that most experienced operators budget and plan for reduction spikes.
  • He warned against price cuts to prevent chasing a downward direction.
  • When we return to normalcy, office leasing will rebound.
  • Reminded us that the quicker we can overcome this disruption, the faster consumer confidence and spending will rebound.

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