0 Boston Mayoral Candidate, Walsh, Would be Pro-Development

Boston Mayoral Candidate Marty Walsh

Credit: Banker & Tradesman

If you are a single issue voter and a developer, your choice could be clear.

A well-organized Banker & Tradesman editorial has outlined the mayoral race with respect to each candidate’s potential impact on commercial real estate market:

But the Dorchester state rep is also popular with the developers and construction bosses, tough, no-nonsense men he has surely dealt with on the other side of the negotiating table, scooping up several thousand dollars in campaign contributions in the last month alone. This flood of cash from well-off builders underscores a key, if little-examined, facet of Boston’s pivotal mayoral race: Other than electing International Place builder Don Chiofaro or Suffolk Construction czar John Fish to the mayor’s office, it’s hard to imagine a potential future chief executive of Boston who is likely to be more aggressively pro-development than Walsh.

The full editorial is available on the B&T website.

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