0 Upgrades Scheduled for Newly Privatized MBTA Station in Back Bay

Back Bay Station is the 3rd Boston transit hub that has been turned over to the private sector and has some significant deferred maintenance.  Boston Properties is doing its part to help bridge the gap.

Back bay station renovations

Credit: Boston Globe

From The Boston Globe:

Just months after signing a $32 million deal to have the real estate giant Boston Properties upgrade the station, the Department of Transportation has agreed to cover six-figure shortfalls in rent from vendors and pay potentially big sums for structural repairs.

The agreement, signed in the closing weeks of the administration of Deval Patrick, calls for Boston Properties to manage the building and renovate the station — installing a new glass facade and windows, updating turnstiles and waiting areas, and bringing in new retail tenants.

In exchange, the company gets the right to build a tower above the station, which opened in 1987.

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