0 Thank you Ben Butcher, CEO of STAG Industrial for joining the BRA Morning Zoom

Thank you Ben Butcher, CEO of STAG Industrial for joining our Morning Zoom.

  • Mr. Butcher provided a quick overview of the STAG portfolio and shared that they focus on speed to market, optionality, and cashflow.  They are a big believer in “boots on the ground” and augment their asset management efforts by hiring local and best-in-class property managers, as well as local brokers to lease their assets in all 38-states.
  • He said that he’s extremely optimistic about the future of STAG, mentioning that they own assets equal to about 1.5% of their target market, and thus have a lot of room for growth.  He added that moving forward, they believe that finding secured loans will be difficult, this will limit the participation of small buyers from most deals.
  • STAG does not offer data storage nor cold storage.  Their portfolio mostly caters to single-tenant supply chain companies, like Amazon.  Mr. Butcher predicts a continued shortening and clogging of the supply chain as well as manufacturing coming back onshore – creating more of a need for logistical space generally.
  • He reminded the attentive audience that in order to consider a facility for last-mile fulfillment, the building has to have the ability to receive the product from 18-wheel trucks.
  • Ben stressed the importance of engaging employees via social causes and charitable organizations – a valuable part of developing the corporate culture.

Book Recommendation – The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics

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