0 Is the Seaport Gondola How You’re Getting to Work Tomorrow?

Gondola in city, like Boston

Credit: Curbed Boston

Is getting to work taking too long since your office has moved to Boston Seaport? If so, the Seaport’s solution to your congestion could be a gondola system, according to Boston City Councilor Michael Flaherty.

From Biznow:

Millennium Partners has proposed a Summer Street, cable-propelled gondola network running from South Station to a property one of its subsidiaries owns in the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park, the Boston Herald reports. As many as 71 10-passenger cabins could move as many as 4,000 passengers per hour in and out of the Seaport, where traffic is notoriously congested.

“A lot of commercial entities are struggling with whether they’re going to renew their leases or they want to come here, because it’s hard to get in and out,” Flaherty said on the Herald’s radio station Wednesday. “The gondola [system] … solves that.”

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0 Seaport Traffic Signs Attempt to Minimize Gridlock

Traffic sign in Boston Seaport

Credit: The Boston Globe

What is the quickest way home from the office via car? As we all know, this can change based on the day or time of day. Well, there’s an app for that, kind of. The city will be trying out LED signs that are updated remotely with real-time data. The longer-term goal is to make this available online as well.

My plan would be to integrate Google Traffic on a street by street basis and make that available on the LED signs.

The Boston Globe reported “the LED boards will be posted at the exits of high-volume parking garages, providing drivers with real-time driving estimates to help them make more educated decisions — and to help them get the heck out of Dodge as quickly as possible. Three of the signs are set to appear next month.”

Additional details are available on the Boston Globe’s website: Signs to Ease Way out of Seaport