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230 Congress St. office space for lease

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The office tenants in today’s market factor many variables as they narrow down the list of potential locations. Today, one of the top three questions my team hears is connectivity; who’s in the building. Gone are the days of just replying by saying, “A T1.”

Tenants what to know who are all the providers, how is the building’s infrastructure set up to handle loads, and what are the annual costs. Some companies demand dual providers for fault tolerant service. A company that is looking to certify the entire U.S. office market is WiredScore with their certification levels of connectivity.

  • Platinum: Best in class connectivity
  • Gold: Redundant, diverse internet connectivity
  • Silver: Meets needs of most commercial tenants
  • Certified: Meets minimum standards

Beacon Capital of Boston is one of the 1st landlords to certify their entire portfolio. 230 Congress Street is certified platinum.

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0 Office Buildings Planned Near Faneuil Hall

rendering of office space on Quaker Lane in Boston

Credit: The Boston Globe

Quaker Lane in Boston?  Must admit, some would have no idea where it is located.  Well, changes are coming.  This road is surrounded by the former Fidelity headquarters that was sold and is located near the intersection of Congress and State Streets.  The proposed plan is to add retail services on the ground for, renovate the offices above and add residential component.

From the Boston Globe:

“A Boston real estate firm is proposing to redevelop a drab cluster of office buildings near Faneuil Hall into a more modern commercial complex with restaurants, stores, hotel rooms, and residences.”

“Our plan is to rejuvenate the entire block through a mixed-use redevelopment strategy,” said Stephen Faber, executive vice president of Related Beal. “These buildings and this location present us with the opportunity to . . . create a real destination.”