0 Tech, Not Shared Office Space, is Redefining Commercial Real Estate

What are some of the most notable office landlords, like Boston Properties, doing to address the growth of the co-working segment that is being championed by WeWork?

Shared Office space in Boston and Cambridge

Credit: WeWork

From Bisnow:

“Our point of view is we’re pretty maniacally focused on our customer, and our sweet spot has been this long and strong customer: long-term leases, strong credit,” [Boston Properties Executive Vice President Bryan Koop] said. “As we continue to focus on that, there will be changes in how we work with them.”

Boston’s surging real estate cycle is driven by tech, both by traditional technology tenants like Rapid7 as well as companies with an increased digital presence like General Electric. With every company increasingly thinking of themselves as a tech company, plug-and-play connectivity and less lag time between lease signing and move-in are rising expectations, forcing landlords to take a more active role in their tenant experience.


0 ‘Cool Offices’ are Casual, Communal and Homey

The office look and feel is vastly different than 10 years ago.  Gone are bland impersonal spaces, now we see cozy kitchens and complete gyms.

Cool modern office space in Boston

Credit: Boston.com

HubSpot recently garnered recognition for its office’s inviting, contemporary aesthetic. Its chief operating officer, JD Sherman, described the company’s motif, “we have standing desks for every employee, informal lounges to make it easy to collaborate, chalk walls for brainstorming, and a kitchen in each of the main areas to foster and encourage people to meet and connect throughout the day.”

You can read more on HubSpot’s cool office chic on Boston.com.