0 Sublease-market Risks Brought to Light with First Marblehead Corp’s IRS Problems

First Marblehead Corp logoShould I sublease space or go direct to the landlord? That is a common question in the industry and the answer truly depends. If you are considering a sublease you need to consider the financial capacity of the sub lessor. After all, you could be paying your obligation, but if they aren’t covering the shortfall then you could find yourself looking for new space.

The Boston Business Journal wryly reports, “First Marblehead Corp.’s blasé mention this week that it might, possibly, probably owe the IRS some $300 million would be bad enough if the potential fallout was confined to its own operations. So listen up, all of you subtenants over at 31 St. James Avenue and 800 Boylston St.”

The BBJ’s extensive look at First Marblehead Corp’s IRS issues is available on its website: First Marblehead’s IRS headache

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