0 Office Space Interiors Adopting Hybrid Atmosphere

Interior design for modern office space

Photo Credit: The Washington Post

Given the influx of new companies into Boston office space, architects and contractors have been busy.  What we see today for newly fit spaces differs greatly from what we saw 10 years ago; companies want to create collaborative work environments with maximum efficiency.

Some do it more creatively than others. For instance, an article on The Washington Post references the Fuse Project’s ‘Public Office Landscape’ aesthetic by Yves Béhar:

“the design looks more like a modern coffee house in some ways than an office layout, combining bench seating and cafe tables with traditional office chairs and desks. Given the growing number of coffee-house denizens armed with laptops, they appear to be on to something. The design also does away with the traditional, closed-off meeting room, opting for more collaborative environments.”

You can check out a full image gallery on the Fuse Project blog

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