0 New Shared Workspaces Opening in Kendall Square

210 Broadway Street in Kendall Sq. in Cambridge

210 Broadway St. in Cambridge, MA

In light of the fierce competition of office space in Kendall Square, another shared-space option has put its stake in the ground, catering to the small user. For $400 per. month, you too can have a place to call “The Office” at 210 Broadway.

According to the BBJ, “NGIN, whose name was chosen because it sounds like engine, will open a 15,000-square-foot center 210 Broadway in Cambridge’s Kendall Square to serve as a “living lab that deploys advanced technology to explore the future of worklife,” according to the company’s marketing materials. The company is competing against Cambridge Innovation Center, Workbar, Dogpatch Labs and Geek Offices for a growing niche market.”

For more info, you can read the full BBJ article, here.

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