0 Modular Housing For The Future







Join Bisnow tomorrow, June 23 along with ICON Architecture Associate Principal and Practice + Design Team Leader Kendra Halliwell, GreenStaxx Director of Business Development Hans Hawrysz and Berkeley Investments Development Project Manager Paul Goodwin for a discussion moderated by Boston Realty Advisors Managing Director and Senior Partner Will Catlin as they explore modular construction, what it could mean for Boston and how recent developments can innovate housing moving forward.

Our content will touch on:

  • What does modular construction mean for the bottom line, project timeline and consistency? Why are some missing the mark?
  • What solutions does modular present for TOD and affordable housing?
  • How are leaders overcoming the challenge of limited manufacturing options and supply chain?
  • How does modular construction compare to traditional methods? What are the advantages?

What is the investment return potential for modular developments in comparison to traditional projects?

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