0 Looking to Raising Startup Capital in Boston? Here’s a Quick Reference

SVG Capital LogoGreater Boston is rich with new, creative business ideas that with nurturing, could grow into companies that will employ our educated workforce and give back to the greater community. To blossom, these business ideas need leadership and capital; Boston has both.

The challenge for startups then becomes how and when to hire professional management for your idea and when to raise capital to grow. What should you do?  Surround yourself with smart people and take your idea on a road show with potential investors.  Boston has a wealth of venture capital and private equity firms that are eager to partake in a great idea. Interview them, ask them the hard questions, but most importantly, believe in yourself.

Here’s a list of Boston area VC’s:

.406 Ventures


ABS Ventures

Adams Capital Management

Advanced Technology Ventures

Alerion Partners

ARCH Venture Partners

Argo Global Capital

Ascent Venture Partners

Atlas Venture

Avalon Ventures

Bain Capital Ventures

Battery Ventures

Bessemer Venture Partners

Black Coral Capital

Blue Chip Venture Company

Borealis Ventures

Boston Capital Ventures

Boston Community Venture Fund

Boston Millennia Partners

Braemar Energy Ventures

Brook Venture Partners

C Change Investments

CambridgeLight Partners

Castile Ventures

Cedar Fund

Charles River Ventures

Clarus Ventures


Commons Capital

Commonwealth Capital Ventures

Cue Ball

Cutlass Capital

Dace Ventures

Edison Venture Fund

Egan-Managed Capital

EuroUS Ventures

Excel Venture Management

FA Technology Ventures

Fairhaven Capital

Fidelity Biosciences

Flagship Ventures

Fletcher Spaght Ventures

Flybridge Capital Partners

Founder Collective

General Catalyst Partners

Globespan Capital Partners

Gold Hill Capital

Google Ventures

GrandBanks Capital

Great Hill Partners

Greylock Partners

HealthCare Ventures

Highland Capital Partners

Housatonic Partners


Ironside Capital

Kestrel Management

Key Venture Partners

Kepha Partners

Kodiak Venture Partners


Lee Munder Capital Group

Long River Ventures

Longworth Venture Partners

M/C Venture Partners

Makaira Venture Partners

Masthead Venture Partners

Matrix Partners

Mediphase Venture Partners

MPM Capital

MVM Life Science Partners

Needham Capital Partners

New Atlantic Ventures

NextView Ventures

North Atlantic Capital

North Bridge Venture Partners

North Hill Ventures

Norwich Ventures

OpenView Venture Partners

Oxford Bioscience Partners

Point Judith Capital

Polaris Venture Partners

Prism VentureWorks

Progress Ventures

Provenance Venture Partners

PureTech Ventures

RockPort Capital Partners

Romulus Capital

Rudyard Partners

Saturn Partners

Schooner Capital

Seaflower Ventures

Sherbrooke Capital

Sigma Partners

Skyline Ventures

SoftBank Capital

Solstice Capital

Spark Capital

Spray Venture Partners

Stage 1 Ventures

Stata Venture Partners

Still River Funds

Summerhill Venture Partners

Summit Partners

SV Life Sciences

Tenaya Capital

Third Rock Ventures

Tudor Ventures

TVM Capital


Venture Capital Fund of New England


VIMAC Ventures

Volition Capital

Walnut Venture Associates

Weston Presidio

Windspeed Ventures

YAS Broadband Ventures

Yolland Capital

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