0 Leasing Agreement and Construction Activity at Filene’s Site

Construction site at Filene's in downtown Boston

Photo Credit: Boston Globe

The stock market recently closed at levels just above the market high of December 2007, which points to our national recovery. Locally, the hole in the ground — formerly known as Filene’s in Downtown Crossing — should soon be filled in, as our economy continues to grow out of the hole created in 2008.

The Boston Globe notes the importance of the hub landmark, “the Filene’s redevelopment is crucial to the broader campaign of revitalizing downtown Boston and its shopping district. Positioned at the center of Downtown Crossing, it would bring an influx of new residents and stores to an area that has just begun to shrug off a reputation as a ­second-rate retail destination.”

Jump over to the Boston Globe for more information on the impending leasing agreement and restart of construction at Filene’s. Alternatively, click through to view office space for lease in the downtown area.

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