0 Landscape Art

public art outside of liberty mutual office building

Credit: Boston Business Journal

What is art and who should be the judge?  Well, one dictionary calls it,  “the creation of beautiful or thought-provoking works, e.g. in painting, music, or writing.” Using that simple definition, this one hits it out of the park. I’m a fan of something that provokes an opinion or starts a conversation. Perhaps it is better said that, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

A BBJ article, with accompanying slideshow, reports on Liberty Mutual’s new  headquarters Back Bay, noting, it “features an indoor-outdoor sculpture made of waterjet cut stainless steel and aluminum, titled, Uplift. Uplift will act as a metaphorical bridge between the new Liberty Mutual headquarters and the surrounding streetscape, visually linking the Liberty Mutual and local communities together.”

The article and slideshow are available on the website of the Boston Business Journal.

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