0 Innovation District gets Smart Parking Sensors, Time to Destination Signs

Boston innovation district at night

Credit: innovationdistrict.org

How smart is your parking space? Well in the Innovation district and Boston Seaport are stepping it up a few notches with a real-time data app from www.streetline.com. Imagine knowing where to go for the nearest spot and no longer circling the block, it’s here in our city!

Banker & Tradesman posted a report on the traffic installations in the Innovation District:

The technology is designed to help manage traffic congestion in the downtown neighborhood. The smart parking sensors and time to destination signs will provide drivers with constantly updated information on available, on-street parking spaces as well as the quickest route to take out of the Innovation District to the highway system during the evening commute.  Drivers may begin taking advantage of this new technology on Wednesday, Dec. 11.

The full B&T articles is available on their website.

Alternatively, follow this link to view available office space in the Innovation District

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