0 GE Picks Seaport Office Space in Fort Point Channel

GE's new office space in Fort Point

Credit: The Boston Globe

GE has selected their location for the new corporate headquarters that sits on the edge of the Seaport overlooking Boston’s Financial District.

From the Boston Globe:

GE on Thursday said that it has reached a deal with Procter & Gamble to buy a roughly 2.5-acre piece of Gillette’s South Boston campus along Fort Point Channel, near the Summer Street Bridge and a short walk from South Station.

There, the company plans to rehab two empty brick warehouses — relics of the industrial waterfront — and construct a new building on a portion of an adjacent parking lot. There will be a large sign visible from downtown and public space that will showcase GE’s storied history. The location is firmly in Fort Point, a funky neighborhood full of smaller tech and creative firms that GE wants to tap as it transforms its business.

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